The Timber Yard, Port Melbourne


A day-long festival of all things fermented.

From sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, kombucha to cheese, wine, beer, cider, sake, salumi …if it’s fermented, you’ll find it at Bread & Circus.

This festival is your chance to deep-dive into the world of fermentation – in all its tasty, pro-biotic, health-giving magnificence. This is your invitation to spend a day nerding out with fellow ‘fermentalists’ learning all about how fermented food and drinks are made, where they come from and how to make yours taste good.

Wander, taste and discover three main event areas; a produce market, workshop area and outdoor stage.


Yep, the unofficial global godfather of the fermentation movement, and “fermentation revivalist”, will be there on the day for a range of talks, demos and more.


Below is an ever growing list of incredible producers you’ll get to meet and greet on the day.


The Fermentary
Gutsy Ferments
Hillbilby Cultured Food
Fowlers Vacola
The Kvas Company
Meru Foods
Pom-me-granite Studios
Baker Bleu
Pepe Saya
Edomura Australia
Food by Holly Davis
Bruny Island Beer & Cheese Co
Milawa Cheese
Biodynamic Wellbeing
Boundary Bend Wellness
Nourishme Organics
Mount Zero Olives
Kaokao Miso


Campbell Burton Wines
LoFi Wines
Sailors Grave Brewing
Garage Project
Willie Smiths Cider
Two Metre Tall Brewery
Hop Nation
Good Brew
Botanical Brew
Pom-me-granite Studios


Here you’ll find a bevy of stallholders specialising in ferment-based food and drink production: think kimchi, miso, sourdough, kefir, kombucha, vinegar, salumi, cheese, sauces and more. You’ll also find a range of equipment suppliers selling all the accoutrements of home brewing, ageing, fermenting and preserving.


Keen to get hands-on?

Our dedicated workshop area will be in full swing all day long with presentations and hands-on classes that will give you all kinds of knowledge about fermentation techniques, health and wellness education, food sustainability and more.


Ready to flex your funk?

Our outdoor garden stage will keep things fresh all day with a non-stop DJ lineup (dancing highly encouraged), along with multiple bar outlets serving up wine from organic, biodynamic and low intervention producers. You’ll also find local beer and cider producers with a thing for wild ferments; plus, more sake, vermouth, mead, whiskey, gin and cocktails than you can poke a (sourdough bread) stick at. 


Our open-air kitchen will host an incredible lineup of chefs – all focusing on fermented ingredients to bring you some seriously tasty eats for the day.


11am till 9pm


Still used in political parlance today, the phrase “bread and circuses” has its roots in ancient Rome, where it was coined by a powerful and outspoken Roman satirical poet by the name of Juvenal. Not one to be fooled by populist propaganda, Juvenal called to attention the government’s frequent use of free food (“bread”) and entertainment (“circuses”) as a shady diversionary tactic designed to steer the public’s attention away from the government’s failures, shortcomings and controversies. Sneaky buggers.

OK, but what’s all that got to do with fermentation? First of all, we’re not agents of some populist regime, and we’re certainly not here to pull any shady Roman stunts, we just want to fling a bit of poetry around to get you primed to take a delicious day-long journey through the wonderful world of fermentation – something the ancient Romans knew a thing or two about.


Bread & Circus will see us collaborating with our good friend, celebrated fermentation champion, Sharon Flynn of The Fermentary to offer a full-blown festival of all things fermented. Put it this way: if it’s funky, we’ve got it. From sauerkraut and kimchi to kefir, kombucha, cheese, wine, beer, cider, sake and salumi – you’ll find it all at Bread & Circus. 

And in huge news for all you hardcore “fermentalists” out there, US writer, fermentation revivalist, DIY food activist and unofficial global godfather of fermentation (aka the “International King of Kraut”), Sandor Katz will be joining the festival as part of his Australian tour, offering talks, demos and more. 


Flipping the script on the ancient Roman tradition, our version of “bread and circuses” will use food and entertainment to empower rather than distract. With endless opportunities to taste, smell and explore the art of fermentation, Bread & Circus will leave you feeling inspired, excited and downright delighted about the funkier side of food and drinks. 

Keen to perfect your sourdough baking, kombucha brewing or kraut making skills? Step right up. Cheese freak? We feel you. Crazy for kimchi? Get amongst your people!

Bread & Circus is your chance to deep-dive into the world of fermentation – in all its stinky, funky, fizzy, health-giving magnificence. It’s an open invitation to spend a day nerding out with fellow ‘fermentalists’ learning all about how fermented food and drinks are made, where they come from and how to make yours taste good.


REVEL reserve the right to check bags at security checkpoints prior to entry if deemed appropriate.

By entering the event you agree and consent to filming and photography by REVEL approved personnel. This content may later be used commercially for advertising, marketing or promotional purposes in Australia and internationally. If you do not wish to be filmed, email a clear photograph of yourself to in advance of the event detailing your name and the event that you are attending.

While alcohol is available for your enjoyment at the event, be aware of your limits and consume responsibly. We have a strict ‘no tolerance’ policy. Please don’t drink and drive. All our venues are within close proximity to public transport and are accessible via taxi or ride share services. Last pours will be at 15 minutes prior to event ending due to licensing.